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Great stories have character. Our company specialises in customisable textiles. For many years, our teams have been passionate about quality textiles and nothing is left to chance. Starsmade combines fashion, quality and customisation. Inspired by the latest trends, our textiles are not only beautiful, they are also comfortable, well-cut and well finished

Optimal service

Starsmade offers high quality custom-made products. A stock of basic colours in different materials allows us to supply prototypes in a very short time. We take care of all the necessary steps from the graphic design brainstorm to the delivery to your customer.

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Durability & Quality

Every new order starts from raw fabric. No prefabricated products. We pay particular attention to the quality of the fabrics we use, in terms of weight, softness and touch feeling. Our fabrics are not only beautiful, they are strong and durable. 
Our textiles are not only beautiful, they are strong and durable. 

To the techniqcs !

Starsmade & the Belgian Fans

Since 2014 and the World Cup in Brazil Starsmade offers to the Belgian Fans a quality range of Fans clothing. And we are very proud of that! Find out our products in the following stores: Carrefour®, Intermarché®, Match®, Lagardère® or contact us for more information! Come on Belgium! :-)

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End-to-end solutions.

Starsmade offers complete, durable and high quality turnkey products.

Respect for our workers.

Our factory is audited annually as part of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).

Comfort and durability.

We work with modern and durable marking techniques. 

Excellent price/quality ratio.

We offer very favourable prices and discounts (e.g. 100pcs).

Advice and expertise.

Our sales staff and graphic designers will help you design your product. 


We offer the latest styles in terms of cut, materials, colours and emblems.